Study Purpose:
The purpose of the study is to test whether eating healthy diet with a large amount of fruit can improve your blood sugar, reduce your need for diabetes medications, and improve your overall health.

Study Qualifications:
To qualify for this research study, you must:

  • Have type 2 diabetes
  • Have been first diagnosed with diabetes within the last 6 years
  • Be 20-65 years old
  • Have a BMI ≤45 kg/m2)
  • Not be taking insulin

About the Study:
For the study, we will give you fruit to eat in the form of smoothies, fresh fruit salads, and dried fruit. During the first 4 weeks of the study, you will increasingly eat more fruit but otherwise eat as you normally do. During the next 8 weeks of the study, you will eat a healthy Mediterranean Diet with lots of fruit. We will make all the food that you need to eat (at no cost), and you will have to eat all food that we give you. We will do 3 half-days of testing (4-5 hours each) to see how eating a lot of fruit affects your blood sugar levels, the health of your liver (via an abdominal scan), your risk of cardiovascular disease, the bacteria in your gut, and your overall health. After the main part of the study is over, you will continue to eat a healthy diet that is high in fruit on your own for 9 more months, and we will re-check your health every 3 months (1 hour each).

Study Duration:
The main part of the study is 12 weeks long. Thereafter, we will follow your long-term health for an additional 9 months.

If you complete all of the study, you will receive $1375, 12 weeks of meals (a roughly $1300 value), and a high-speed (Vitamix) blender. This is a time-intensive study that is best for people who are not busy and who are highly motivated to improve their health.

To Apply to Participate:
To apply to participate in the study, fill out the form below.

Study Contact:
For more information, contact Mr. Cody Hanick at or 262-923-0672.

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