This form is to be used for all new and revision submissions for any of the below:

  • CBR (Clinical Billing Review): for protocols that contain UAB health system clinical billable procedures which require CBR review for the Fiscal Approval Process (FAP)
  • CCTS (Center for Clinical and Translational Science): for protocols that will utilize CCTS services, including Bionutrition, Biorepository, CRSP, CRU, or SPAN
  • OCS (OnCore Calendar Services): for protocols that will be built by OCS and managed in OnCore by a non-O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center team, (including all protocols with UAB Health System clinical billable procedures, protocols with CCTS services that require a calendar, industry-sponsored clinical trials, and protocols the study team wishes to enter into OnCore for financial management or for the management, tracking, or reporting of its research portfolio).

This request form contains questions that were formerly submitted via the CBR workbook, the OCS REDCap request form, and the CCTS Clinical Support Registration form. Before you begin completing this submission form, please have your protocol documents and information ready. A checklist to help gather the required information can be found here along with the Outreach Lab Requisition form ("Green sheet") linked here, and a list of commonly used labs with CPT codes linked here that can help determine which local labs are needed (if you are not directed to these documents immediately, log in using your email.)

Not ready to submit this form and just need pricing/coding from CBR for feasibility? Complete the CBR Feasibility Request here. When ready to move forward with the study, return to the current form for your submission.


If you have questions about this form, please contact

REMINDER - NO PHI should be entered in this form.

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